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We work harder for you…

making your TAX commitments easier.


How it works

Here at doiTAX, we have implemented an application which is aimed at assisting our customers when it comes to TAX obligations. A dreadful task, we can all agree on, but something that we have to do every year, and we can definitely make it easier for our clients. Weather you are a sole trader, freelancers, small business or have your Company, we have you covered.

  •  Add your earnings by way of scanning your receipt or editing it manually. Our   unique scanning program will allow you to automatically add your income as you   select and it will also separate the GST component, so when Tax time arrives, you can make your claims with accurate information right there at your finger tips.
  • The same applies to your expenses. Your expenses will be added by way of scan or manually, it’s up to you. With your expenses, you will be able to have a detailed account of how it’s looking, all you have to remember is to keep adding daily your work related expenses.

Exclusive Scanner

Our exclusive multiple selection scanner will allow you to scann single or multiple items from the same receipt, bill or invoice. This feature gives you more flexibility.Simply scan your receipt and tap on item and then tap on the corresponding price. Repeat the process until you have selected all the items which are business related you wish to add.

If the entire receipt and all it’s items are tax deductible, simply select the title for the bill and the total price highlighted at the bottom. The last step is add or niot the GST component.

Add Earnings and Expenses

To Add “expenses” to your folders, simply select the folder and save either by using our smart photo/scanner or you can load your expenses manually or select from any saved documents you may have within your files.

To add income to your folders, it works exactly the same way, just select “Income”


File Your tax Return

When it’s time to prepare your yearly tax, simply go to “Tax Filing” – “Obtain Form” Here you can download the TAX Return Form which is applicable to your financial circumstances.

Once you have downloaded your TAX form, print it and fill it out with all the corresponding information obtained via your folders in your doiTAX App.

doiTAX, a great little tool, Solving Big Problems


In 2020, we thought about developing a mobile application which would assist with the daily filing of bills, which we need to have when tax time arrived. So we worked around this idea and we worked hard to bring it to what it is today.

We wanted to offer something simple, but with features which makes our App a little different to what others are offering, and unique in it’s attributes of offering more tools to our customers.


doiTAX Mobile Application

The power of a great idea to assist you saving and filing your bills for TAX lodging.


No ADDS to distract you.

Add expenses and income on the go.

Export files as you require.

Exclusive multi-selection scanner.

Mileage calculation.




Only A$4.99 per month you have full

access to all the tools we offer with

our mobile App.

Tax deductible!


This Self-Employed app is exclusively

for sole traders, contractors,

freelancers, and small business.

From Our Clients

Some feedback from some of our clients

“There are many apps out there, but doiTAX have really thought it out and has made my tax filing a lot simpler”

Mitcha Skolnik

Operation Director, Elegant Themes

“Thank you doiTAX for creating the tools which I found so handy. There are many apps out there, but this one is a cut above the rest”

Andrea Nahaev

“Preparing for tax lodgment had always been a tedious task, now with doiTAX this is not so bad, much easier, as record keeping is a breeze”

Eduard Unguri

Tech Support, CFS Custom Designs

“This is the app I was dreaming of. It has made this task so much easier. Thank you for the logics behind the build.”

Tammy Ewer

Blogger, Elegant Themes

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